About Our Organization

Martha’s Foundation was established by Myrtle Watson in 2010 as a tribute to the compassion of her mother, Martha. Mrs. Watson has over 40 years of experience working as a registered nurse, including 24 years as an RN/case manager at the Margaret Hudson Program in Tulsa. Through her work at Margaret Hudson, Mrs. Watson became aware that many girls lacked a safe, supportive home environment after classroom hours. 

The Margaret Hudson Program provided pregnant and parenting teen mothers an opportunity to continue their education with the support of child care and comprehensive social and health services. The program ceased operation in 2017.



To provide pregnant teens with a safe residence and assist them in becoming independent and productive community members.



To meet each client’s needs as a parent and in completion of a formal education e.g. high school graduation, technical training, college attendance or gainful employment prior to discharge from the residence.

Myrtle Watson

Founder of Martha's Foundation


.Pallavi Agarwal

Board President


Tudy Valdez

Board Vice President


Kelli Sherley

Board Treasurer


Daniela Bertin

Board Secretary



Executive Officers

Myrtle Watson, Founder
Pallavi Agarwal, Board President
Tudy Valdez,  Board Vice President
Kelli Sherley, Board Treasurer
Daniela Bertin, Board Secretary


Board Members

Sean Watson – 2013 – present
Shawn Monier –
2013 – present

Catherine Stow – 2013 – present
Tracy Malone
Daniel Benningfield
Jonathan Grable
Nancy Grable
Rhonda Radar Martin
Gary Nafus


volunteers to Board

Jasmine Watson
Edmond Watson

Amanda Maxwell
Monica Riley
Keisha Martin
Hope Edwards
Stacey Persons
Carol Saylor-Hefley
Twa Bakhish
Aileen Eastman

Special Volunteers Alumni from Margaret Hudson Program
Iterea Foreman
Missy D’Angelo-Harward
Kayla Ridley
Shamaia Dixon-Smith
Sierra Villata

Special Thank you to the Board of 2014-2016